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PSMA Imaging Detects Prostate Cancer Spread

Correctly assessing prostate cancer’s spread is essential for staging and treatment options. Until now, scanning technology has lacked both clarity and specificity, leaving treatment recommendations to partial information and guesswork. The new PSMA PET scan changes this. This episode of PROSTATE PROS explores the benefits of the PSMA PET scan and how it can be

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Time to Address Testosterone

Testosterone naturally decreases with age. This can mean loss of libido, fatigue, and decrease in muscle. So why are you waiting for your doctor to talk to you about your low testosterone? What solutions are you missing out on? Testosterone replacement therapy can help reverse side effects of low testosterone and improve quality of life.

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Prostate Cancer, but What Else?

Discover the tests aging men can’t live without! Despite how common these diseases are, most men miss out on regular screening — simple scans and screenings can save your life. Heart disease, cancer, and accidents are the top killers of men. Don’t miss out, take charge of your health and prolong your life. IMPORTANT LINKS:

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Finding Focal Therapy

Focal therapy treats only the section of the prostate gland that contains the cancer. These treatments appeal to men who want to preserve sexual and urinary function while trying for a cure. There are numerous types of focal therapies but they are all still in the research phase and much is still unknown about outcomes

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Applying Genetic Therapy

Genetic testing can indicate disease behavior, therapy success, and pre-disposal to prostate cancer. Therapies and decisions can be guided based on genetic profiles and knowledge of specific mutations. Discover genetic tests, genetically targeted therapies, and how to apply all this new, complex information to your prostate cancer. Dr. Scholz:  [00:04] Welcome to PROSTATE PROS. I’m

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Don’t Reject Radiation

Systemic radiation is injected radiation that circulates through the body to target metastasis.  There are several types of systemic radiation all of which have been shown to prolong life with limited side effects.  This episode covers current systemic radiation options as well as exciting, new advancements on the horizon.     If you have advanced prostate cancer,

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The Intelligence of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy trains the patient’s own immune system to target and attack cancer cells. For men with prostate cancer immunotherapy can provide long-term efficacy with minimal side effects. This episode explores the innovations in immunotherapy including the use of off-label therapy and the promise of combination therapy. Don’t miss out on these new and exciting capabilities

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Hormone Therapy TIPs

Hormone therapy, or Testosterone Inactivating Pharmaceuticals, work to either stop testosterone’s production or limit testosterone’s activity in promoting prostate cancer growth. These powerful anti-cancer drugs can put men with prostate cancer in remission for years and in some cases even decades! Discover hormone therapy treatment protocol and monitoring, get insight to hormone resistance, and learn

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Six, Not a Bad Score

Gleason 6 prostate cancer may sound like a dangerous type of prostate cancer. Luckily that is not the case, Gleason 6 prostate cancer does not spread. This means men with Gleason 6 can be safely monitored through active surveillance and avoid the side effects that come with treatment.

Active surveillance is not synonymous with watchful waiting, and it no longer means periodic random biopsy. Learn the active surveillance protocol and discover a Gleason 6 lifestyle.