That’s a Wrap

PROSTATE PROS Series Finale On the last episode of the PROSTATE PROS podcast, Dr. Scholz and Liz recap important themes and talk about what’s new in prostate cancer, including Lutetium-177 and Orgovyx. Dr. Scholz:  [00:03] We’re guiding you to treatment success and avoiding prostate cancer pitfalls.  I’m your host, Dr. Mark Scholz.  Liz:  [00:09] And

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Prostate Cancer Spotlights in 2020

This episode of PROSTATE PROS reviews and summarizes the year’s advancements in prostate cancer as well as looks forward to future updates. Beyond prostate cancer, the episode examines how COVID-19 has impacted the healthcare landscape and discusses news of the vaccine. Catch up on the latest and stay tuned for an exciting announcement. Liz:  [00:00]

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PSMA Imaging Detects Prostate Cancer Spread

Correctly assessing prostate cancer’s spread is essential for staging and treatment options. Until now, scanning technology has lacked both clarity and specificity, leaving treatment recommendations to partial information and guesswork. The new PSMA PET scan changes this. This episode of PROSTATE PROS explores the benefits of the PSMA PET scan and how it can be

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