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Finding Focal Therapy

Focal therapy treats only the section of the prostate gland that contains the cancer. These treatments appeal to men who want to preserve sexual and urinary function while trying for a cure. There are numerous types of focal therapies but they are all still in the research phase and much is still unknown about outcomes

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Applying Genetic Therapy

Genetic testing can indicate disease behavior, therapy success, and pre-disposal to prostate cancer. Therapies and decisions can be guided based on genetic profiles and knowledge of specific mutations. Discover genetic tests, genetically targeted therapies, and how to apply all this new, complex information to your prostate cancer. Dr. Scholz:  [00:04] Welcome to PROSTATE PROS. I’m

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PCRI Helps Men Research Their Options with Guest Alex Scholz, CEO

PROSTATE PROS invites Alex Scholz, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), to discuss how the PCRI helps educate men and caregivers. Scholz gives us a look inside the PCRI’s annual and mid-year patient conferences, the PCRI helpline, and all the ways they provide free, expert-reviewed information on all aspects of prostate cancer. ABOUT

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